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i was walking around in tug indev when i found a cat but it was roaring more like a cub it began to attack me after a smaller cat ran across i though that was the cutest thing ever can you tame it ? "baby sabre cat" or something like that if anyone knows please tell me... I would of uploaded an image but to big.


  • RumbeardRumbeard REGISTERED Posts: 30 Seed
    Cool! I haven't found one yet...
  • folly06folly06 REGISTERED Posts: 4 Podling
    Also i was running round a desert when i heard a strange noise looked round and this wallaby thingy ran at me its called a "BearRam Cub" anyone found one of them yet... Thanx Nerd Kingdom
  • RumbeardRumbeard REGISTERED Posts: 30 Seed
    Those I have seen on youtube...

    It's dark and scary, but there. :)
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    Ive been digging down with shovels through dirt and then at the gravel layer switching to picks. When I hit the rock under the gravel I am burning through picks rather fast but have not found any copper or coal. Any suggestions?
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    I've found a few BearRam Cubs, as well as an actual BearRam. They seem to be somewhat territorial like the Saber Cats, though not so stealthy, and even the Cubs are a little aggressive. I think they mostly roam more desert and arid regions, as that's where I've found them.
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