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I don't know if a similar tool exists for TUG, but I've used one for minecraft. Thought it might be useful for other players as well - and I intend to improve on it over time (when I have time). Supports searching recipe by name, editing recipes, adding and deleting recipes, uploading your own crafting.txt file and downloading crafting.txt with your changes applied.


  • Ashen44Ashen44 Posts: 207 Seed
    Really good guide, nice job! Very useful for a guy who can never remember TUG recipes!

    I have one request though; please PLEASE make it not all black and white! my eyes burned when I visited that page! black against white burns me!
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  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    Ok, black and white is gone, I've switched to the "ui-lightness" theme. Thanks for the feedback :)
  • ValidifyedValidifyed Posts: 612 Seed
    lol, port 8000?
  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    Now just at with no port.
  • reedooreedoo Posts: 151 Seed
    OMG I did not know you could make leather strips from hide! I have a ridiculous pile of hide in my house and am always short on leather strips.

    I know that a part of the Minecraft/Terraria/TUG mechanics is to discover recipes but I am brain-dead crap at it sometimes. This is a cool list.
  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    Edit, add, delete ability added to the user interface. I've also added the ability to upload your own crafting.txt files and download a new file with your changes. Planning on adding an auto-complete to the input fields to make the editing easier.
  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    Looks like I forgot to update the javascript - sorry! Editor is actually working now. Also has auto-complete now for object and property names, based on what the editor picked up from the crafting file.
  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    Just updated the tool with new styling, import/export is broken, adding new properties, recipes and objects is broken. I'll work on restoring those in the next week or so.
  • ZekloZeklo Posts: 344 Seed
    Just updated the tool with new styling, import/export is broken, adding new properties, recipes and objects is broken. I'll work on restoring those in the next week or so.
    Looks great! This will certainly come in handy when I can finally play some TUG!
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  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    As of this morning, full editing of recipes has been restored, along with auto-complete when renaming properties. There is a minor bug where the add/delete buttons that show to the right of properties get stuck, I might fix it at some point. I know things constantly change - so if the tool stops working, the list of recipes becomes stale, or if you'd like to see more features added, feel free to leave feedback here and I'll update it when I can.
  • johnycilohoklajohnycilohokla Posts: 283 Developer
    Cool, looking forward to seeing how far you can go with it.

    Also it would be cool if you added icons to the list, at least for the official content.

    BTW: when clicking on export I get an error:
    414 Request-URI Too Large

    Also when importing an invalid file python ends in an error (giving me a whole lot of details I shouldn't see), I would suggest adding check to make sure the file is text, checking for } at the end of the file (ignoring spaces, new lines etc...), this should catch 99% of the invalid files.
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  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    Files should now export correctly again :)
  • DungchunkerDungchunker Posts: 70 Seed
    This is Very Nice! Very Nice Indeed!
    Well, you can't make a smoothie with it!

  • LakkpoppLakkpopp Posts: 15 Seed
    This will make crafting much easier, got sick of looking up the recipies on the wiki :P

    Thanks <3
  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    edited July 2015
    I haven't looked at this tool in quite a while, but it looks like people are using it (yay!), so I think I'll update it to be more useful and less clunky :)
  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    A new version is up, but does not have editing yet. Also, I've switched to using a different hosting provider that required me to add the "www" prefix to the site.
  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    Editing, uploading and downloading are now back to working. This all runs in the browser, so it might use some features not supported by older browsers.
  • skraaglenaxskraaglenax Posts: 24 Seed
    Thanks to @johnycilohokla for the icons! They have now been added to the tool.
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