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When a seedling withers in its growing process, it doesn't really die, it becomes a deadling. Deads are like seeds, their eyes are just pitch black and their skin is pale, and they cannot use magic as we know it as they have no life essence in them, they have have to use alternative magic systems like void magics.
If they want to use our magic, they will have to get life essence by taking it from other living things, like devouring souls or wither plants and trees all the way to its roots.

A dead is not necessarily evil; they can be kind and trustworthy, but they have a bad temper. If you have a dead as a friend; make sure to never make them angry, or you'll regret it.

Just found this picture on Google and then I got inspired to make this, enjoy! :D


  • ZekloZeklo Posts: 344 Seed
    Well... strangely sounds how I want to make my character... xD Really like the idea though!
    "All things must come to an end." "I am but one of many." "Why? Why not!"
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    Very interesting concept.
    I was thinking also in a way along a similar line of thought.
    More on the line of saturation of one element could cause alterations of a seed in its progression, just as too much food would make them fat.

    A seed that for instance, only ate mushrooms might take on a more myconid-like appearance.

    Or one only eating vegetation, taking on more of an herbivore appearance, or perhaps, plantlike appearance.
    and so on and so forth.

    Your deadling idea is good, but perhaps not the only option for the death of a seed.
    perhaps the death of an evil seed would become a deadling, and while the deadling isn't evil on a rebirth in this form, it has a second chance at life and its over all decisions.

    The the good or neutral seeds may take on another aspect rather than becoming a deadling.

    The wisp form when you die, and the gem also accounts some for death, so perhaps the wisp form could be another possibility.

    Nice concept.
  • CogCog Posts: 110 Seed
    It was never meant for when every seed dies, more that when something like a miscarriage occurs.
    (I am on mobile, going to write a better answer tomorrow when I am on a computer, have a nice day)
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    It'll be good for you to know that seeds don't have no junk in the trunk. They are genderless, and don't pro-create.
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
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    Pamcakes wrote:
    It'll be good for you to know that seeds don't have no junk in the trunk. They are genderless, and don't pro-create.
    I believe he just said that to make his point, not literally. I may be wrong though.
    "All things must come to an end." "I am but one of many." "Why? Why not!"
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    Cog wrote:
    When a seedling withers in its growing process
    Seedling = Child-seed.
    Withers = Dies due to a lack of nourishment.
    Growing process = Being grown - as there must be a way for more seeds to come, right?
    I personally consider this to be a plant's very equivalent to a miscarriage, but I guess it wasn't that clear then, I'm sorry about that.

    Plus, it wasn't supposed to be a suggestion nor an idea, it was more like TUG's version of Herobrine, to scare naive players and such c:

    I like your idea about "You are what you eat" type of thing, Hoppa, that would definitely create very diverse characters, and I really like that!

    Have a very nice day!
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    i like the idea, but i think that it would be better if the changes on your aspects suck elements ou or these nature look on your character was something mistical or anythink like that.. cuz change aparence just cuz u ate just murshroons woulb be very strange... and sorry, my english is very bed :/
  • lolmartlolmart Posts: 17 Seed
    This should be an easter egg, such as =having a 1/1000000 chance to spawn as one... :3
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