Carnamor Convenience Meats

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What is Carnamor Convenience Meats?
A subsidiary to Cog Conglomerate, Carnamor Convenience Meats or C.C.M. is a meat processing company that produces convenient meats for consumers.

What is C.C.M. selling?
We sell all sorts of carnal products! Here's a little list:
-Vegemeatamash - A mash of equal vegetables and meats!
-Stuff - A mix of all weird things we find in the wild!
-Adipomos - Tired of needing energy all the time? With this miracle food you only have to eat once per day!
-Fungcaro - A mash of equal shrooms and meats!
>--)More Products Incoming!(--<

Oh wow! What is the price for those delicious meats?
Almost nothing! At Carnamor Convenience Meats, we prefer quantity over quality so you'll always be able to buy our products!

We hope that you'll feast with love tonight!

-Carnamor Convenience Meats - Forever Carnivorous.
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