Polyscire Nosocomium

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What is Polyscire Nosocomium?
Polyscire Nosocomium is a hospital for the seeds that loves luxurious living and entertainment.
Founded as a subsidiary under Cog Conglomerate and their speciality in personal assistance, we seek to provide the best hospitality for seeds of value, and that means you.

What does Polyscire Nosocomium have to offer?
Every seed gets their own room with a personal bathroom and snack bar, and every night they are able to order a meal from our wide selection, served by the best of cooks available!
Other services we can provide:
Nighttime entertainment via our theatre.
Relaxation in our exotic gardens.
And massage therapy for the extra prosperous seed!
(Note: Due to hygiene, we do not provide public bath.)

I'm injured, when can I come?
As we're a honest business, we won't lie to you: You can come anytime, and after we're done helping you, you can either pay the fee or be forever in our debt!

Have a nice day!


  • mmaalex22112mmaalex22112 REGISTERED Posts: 171 Seed
    I like the later "or be forever in our debt" isn't that just a wonderful thing to hear from a company. I like it lol.
  • NaltaStrifeNaltaStrife REGISTERED Posts: 12
    Not to worry, I'm sure this company will be willing to take payments with eternally compounded interest.
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