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This game, I'm just going to say, is really fun, I dont know how to describe it, I just tried 4 times, all failing, but I can say it is full of puzzles, it is a sidescroller, and it has bossfights that are surprisingly fun! I highly sugest this game to all of you who like that sort of thing, as this is actually one of the best games I've ever played! (I have it running in the background right now!) also, fun fact, it was made by my best friends cousin, Matt Thorson!

sorry this isnt a very good description, and its unorganized, but my topic-making-skillz have highly deteriorated since my last topic i made.

anyways, its a fun game, I really enjoyed, and so have alot of other people, and you should get it. also, its free!

first dungeon!
title screen!
fan art!

you can find it here, along with all his other games:
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