Hi, I'm Tanner! I make YouTube videos!

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Hey all,

Some (possibly devs? :shock: ) people recently commented on my YouTube videos, and brought the existence of this forum to my attention! I figured I'd give it a go, and make a post about the videos I'm currently doing. I'm doing what I like to call "I've Never Played..."

This series is where I play a game that I have never run on my computer (not even for benchmarking), and show my experiences with said game while communicating my feelings about the game to the audience. So far, I have loved TUG. I loved it so much, that is now a series of its own.

I do have my issues with the game, and with early access in general. However, TUG (and its developers) seem to be doing their best to get me sucked into this incredibly atmospheric and delightfully charming game. I fully expect to run my series at least until the game is released if it continues to present truly original and creative content.

Thanks for giving me your time! You can watch the videos at the following URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9mb2 ... 4Mk3_2i4aw


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    Hello! It was actually me who wrote a comment, your videos are just so enjoyable, and as you seemed very interested in the game, you might have been interested in the community too! I will definitely dare to say that this is the most friendly community I have ever seen, and hopefully it will stay that way for a long time!

    I hope that you have a very nice stay here c:

    Have a nice day!
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    Hey Tanner!

    I have been tweeting your videos to help get you some views but you need to get a twitter account man!
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    Hey! Thank you so much for directing me here! I love it so far!

    Thank you SO much for tweeting them! That's crazy! I dug up an old twitter that I stopped using! Here it is: https://twitter.com/GamerFury
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    Followed! :D

    I hope that you enjoy your stay! And if you ever need something to do in TUG, there is always a Challenges section you can look at!

    Have a very nice day!
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