I got bored.

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So i decided to farm pumpkins. i quickly realized that my pumpkin farm was inefficient, so i decided to do some experimenting, and i came up with a hypothesis.
pumpkins, on a *flat plane, in the **desert, with no shade over them, exert a square of influence 2 microblocks (the smallest block possible) in every direction, including diagonal. when more than ***five of these microblocks are contested by another pumpkin (untested with other plants.) the pumpkin will refuse to turn from a gourd vine into a pumpkin vine. this prevents the pumpkin plant from growing any pumpkins, obviously. no other effects were noticeable or statistically significant when the pumpkin plants grew into pumpkin vines.

this lead me to the conclusion that watching pumpkins grow is very, very boring. and that you need to place your pumpkins with exactly 4 microblocks from each other in ideal conditions in the desert.

*i didn't test for elevation
** i didn't test additional biomes. the specific biome/sub-biome was a limestone mesa type area.
*** five was the smallest number i tested for, that succeeded. the max tested was 10, and it failed to convert into a pumpkin.
P.S. this is not intended to be a rigorously scientific study, just something to pass the time while partially looking for bugs and something to create a farming model with. i would upload screenshots but i can't find where the non-steam client sends them. or if i'm fooling myself and it really doesn't take screenshots. :|
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    Worst case, PrtSc and alt-tabing to a photo editing program. That way you can have photo evidence of your pumpkin hours.
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    Rin wrote:
    this lead me to the conclusion that watching pumpkins grow is very, very boring.
  • Red AgliatorRed Agliator REGISTERED Posts: 307 Seed
    Wow, you gave me some really great ideas for testing farming. Thanks!
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