Stockpile Challenge

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The Stockpile Challenge

Hi there! My name is GodlySloth, and I am throwing the gauntlet at YOUR feet, yeah you read that right (hopefully) I challenge you!

This challenge is all about getting huge stockpiles of items, from sticks to meat. (When I say stockpile I pretty much just mean a huge stack of items)


Now there are a few rules but they aren't all that restricting.

1. Must be done in survival (makes it much more fun)

2. The items in the stockpile should all be the same (no mixing ex: having 50 cactus with 20 sticks is BAD)

3. Make sure to post pictures in this thread (no point if you don't share your success)


The owner of the biggest (unintentional innuendo) will be rewarded with the glorious ability to BRAG! (and maybe a few new friends!)

- Thanks a bunch for sticking around long enough to get this far! Sincerely, GodlySloth


  • Serial MMOistSerial MMOist REGISTERED Posts: 14
    I swear I'm gonna make a pile so big....Its going to be a massive pile'll just have to wait and see.
  • TeknonickTeknonick REGISTERED Posts: 167 Seed
    Awww, I've made so many giant piles! I'll try and make a new one so I can show off my special bragging style from the Braggs! (My last name is Bragg, in case you didn't know).
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  • DangerousDaneDangerousDane REGISTERED Posts: 1
    I would have made this easier to see if I was designing it for a stockpile challenge but I just read about the challenge so here is my hidey-hole stock pile!
  • GodlySlothGodlySloth REGISTERED Posts: 28 Seed
    Well you are the only person to have submitted any pictures sooo....

    Your in first place!!

    WOOOOOO! Its amaz-balls

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