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I found a game on steam and the brick placing system seems very interesting, something I would love to see in TUG :D

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    Very cool, along the lines of what I was hoping to one day code. There is an issue with mesh optimisation though - not that it would be difficult to do, it would just take some time and effort.
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    That would be quite neat. I would love to have to place mortar or a mortar equivalent in between them!
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    that is very interesting,

    it would also be cool if you could use a system like that to place bricks but also have a form of mortar to hold them in place. then they would "merge" into one entity. that way you could make a munch of wall segments at a shop. transport them to a build site and place them. all while potentially reducing the number of unique entities the game needs to keep track off. (once more i know nothing of game design so i may be completely wrong about how game code would handle bricks.)

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