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So as i am sure you guys have noticed, i love the TUG Runes!

I have made several Fonts at this point, and have decided to turn my attention to numbers. since you know there very important and stuff. and although the devs have not shown us any Runes specifically for numbers, i had an idea. basically i was inspired by the similarity between the language of TUG and latin and realized the Devs already gave us everything we needed to set up the numeral system for TUG.

i am of course talking about roman numerals. we have the Runes for "I", "V", "X", "L", "C", "D" and "M"

im not entirely happy how they look and since they are based on the latin words for the numbers there is no real reason we cant change up the Runes for the different values till we get ones we like.

What do you guys think?



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    They'll create the numbers eventually or maybe probably not sure let us just wait till the numbers get invented.
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    But isn't that kinda the point? there not going to spoon feed us everything. they have said themselves that a lot of this stuff needs to be figured out from clues.

    Unless i am completely off the mark, there is no reason to think that this isn't what they meant.
    they already gave us everything we need so who is to say they weren't already invented and where just waiting for us to figure it out?

    ether way there is no real downside to using a system like this in the intrum. if they do end up handing us an "official" numeral system it wouldn't make this one any less effective.

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    I like the idea of a roman numeral system (even if it is severely limiting) - But I agree, romanised lettering doesn't fit in too well. Maybe they could be changed to something more along the lines of Futhark runes instead.
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