Subtle evidence of lore and history

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It occurs to me that traces of lore and history of the TUG world don't all have to be as clear and obvious as runes on tablets. (Don't get me wrong: runes on tablets are really, really neat.)

Archaeology has lots of examples of subtle evidence of past people. One of my favorites is the way that the shapes of old farm fields can survive, even with new fields plowed over the top. (The outlines of building foundations, pits, roads, and other things can stay visible this way, too.)
(Some really stunning pictures at

Another of my favorites: using ancient garbage dumps to learn how people lived. Large clusters of fish bones, for example, show what people were eating. Even rock chips can be used to deduce that people were making simple tools there a long time ago.

I like the idea that it might take a while (and some sharp-eyed people) to discover some of TUG's lore.


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    Very true, subtle is nice. Then only the observant will catch em. I like it!
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    Zeklo wrote:
    Very true, subtle is nice. Then only the observant will catch em. I like it!

    I agree and I hope this shall be added in game.
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    That's a great idea. i love runes obviously but adding in subtler clues would add another layer to it.

    and who doesn't like diversity? =p plus the picture of the old fields being visible on hills is awesome xD

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