Video; Survival mode building

SawlstoneSawlstone Posts: 42 Seed
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Hi, I thought I'd post a little video of what I have been working on in survival mode. Its an extremely boring video without fun music or commentary, so I apologize for that :lol:

If anyone wants to use any part of the video for anything...even a 2 sec clip, feel free.

Edit: I can't seem to get my embed to work. What silly step am I missing. Here is the link anyhow;


  • PamcakesPamcakes Posts: 738 Seed
    Take the s out of https. :D Also, nice video!
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • SawlstoneSawlstone Posts: 42 Seed
    Pamcakes wrote:
    Take the s out of https. :D Also, nice video!

    :lol: Thanks... :?
  • ProBeingNoobProBeingNoob Posts: 189 Seed
    Nice video!
    How do you run the game so smooth, and record, too? Damn.
    Mind clicking those eggs?
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