@NerdKingdom: what most needs to be poked at right now?

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I like finding creative ways to break things so I can report interesting bugs. But it's silly to report "x is missing" on a feature that's only half implemented. So...when I feel like trying to break things, which areas should I poke at?

I have some guesses from seeing the update videos (goats are newish), but it'd be nice to know if there are any areas you'd like someone poking at.


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    Just look at the most recent changelog and go nuts on the new content.
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    Validifyed wrote:
    Just look at the most recent changelog and go nuts on the new content.
    Of course! I was more wondering whether there were general categories that they'd like poked at, like "physics" or "tools + terrain". (Though I saw a post that the logic for the second one isn't complete yet.)
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    Look over the patch notes to get an idea on what we're working on to known what to focus on, but that doesn't mean you need to ignore older systems. There could very well be bugs one of you in the community finds that we don't about yet.

    If you're in doubt if we know about it, let us know.

    If you do find a bug, feel free to post in the forums here, on the Steam forums, or get a ticket through support.

    It would be useful for any bug have the following parts:
    1) Clear, concise steps to reproduce the bug.
    2) Depending on the bug itself, you may want to hold onto the save. Sometimes we'll ping you to send us a save to see if we can get any additional info out of it.
    3) Give any kind of additional description of the bug with what may be relevant information
    4) Screenshots can always be helpful if you have trouble describing a bug
    5) System specs are always handy, especially with crashes: processor, graphics card, memory, driver version, etc.

    As we are still in Early Access/Alpha, I would say, if you are hunting for bugs, focus on the bigger ticket, non-polish items.
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    This should be made a standardised layout for the bugs section...
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    There should be a premade form, on the gmod server I play on, they have a premade form for ban requests. Something like that would make bug reports so much easier for the devs to read.
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    umm... the above post is word for word mine from another thread? Maybe a forum admin would like to take a look into it.

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    oh snap, getting called out
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    Nice catch Rumbeard. Handled, and thanks for the heads-up.
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