Gecko Mod

SigilSigil REGISTERED Posts: 678 Developer
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Been a while since I had a full mod worth making a post about but here you go.

Video preview:

Mod is meant for 0.6.3 though it may work fine after.

Replaces Goat in world generation.

Files here: ... 5sR0k/edit

Download full .rar under File/Download


  • ZekloZeklo REGISTERED Posts: 344 Seed
    Very neat. Always grand to see a new mod by Sigil!
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  • nocarenocare REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 92 Seed
    Well done, love it. Might I suggest making the tails wag a bit as they run? :D
  • SigilSigil REGISTERED Posts: 678 Developer
    There is in the mid range run though at full speed they really just glide along the ground. There's no bounce.
  • NekochuNekochu REGISTERED Posts: 244 Developer
    I love him! I need one of these for my desk at work!
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  • TestamentofTestamentof REGISTERED Posts: 1,234 Seed
    The Machine is on....


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