Pick crash

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Hello. Had a quick look and not sure if this is the same cause as something else.
Using a pick to dig mesa chunks (they are stacking fine, unlike pretty much everything else. :P).
However digging through in to the blue rock underneath and it ctd'd. Tried to log back in and it did the same thing automatically. Logged in again and I had a roll back and was ready to try it again.
Currently trying to duplicate the crash but seems to be ok now? Had been playing for about 18min, not sure if the time delay crash is the cause? Is that still a problem?
Only just started playing, but pretty cool so far. :)

Also, no limit on stack size? Attempting to carry around a small hill worth of rock at the moment. :D


  • VarelseVarelse REGISTERED Posts: 4
    Just achieved it again but while wailing on mud, as soon as the chunks of dirt fell on the ground. Same ctd and then rollback and now we're good again. Also dirt and clay don't seem to stack unless you have an empty spot in your inventory, and then they will go in the correct stack.
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    Hmm I get kicked from my game too after like 20 minutes of building or just playing in general I don't know if its something specific I am doing or something the game is doing .
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  • VarelseVarelse REGISTERED Posts: 4
    From the little I have looked in to it, the 20min thing is a known issue that I think may have been resolved for the next update, the item stack crash I am getting just occurred about the same time but second time I was only on for about 3min. Haven't had time to see if the time delay crash is still a problem as had to go to work
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