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Hello ladies n gents!

I've been idle for a bit from the forums but I am still here and finally relocated out to the studio. Bad news is that it's going to be blazing hot this summer. Good news is that I can now really focus on some fun projects to get you guys more involved on what we are doing. Our goal is to be completely transparent with everyone and we are going to do our best to deliver on that. This topic will focus on YouTube and upcoming live streams once I have internet at home. Our office is a whole different story when it comes to our internet speed *cough* dsl *cough* lol.

I want to know what you guys would like to see if I am missing from this list. These are not the series names, just place holders

YouTube series:
Nerd Talk - video diary on tech, science, content, and bunch of other sweet stuff to feed your brains with TUG stuff.

In the Works - This will be TEH SECRET STUFF we are working on! Basically, just things we think is cool and would be just short snippets, tech demos, and cool stuff we think you might want to check out.

Bringing to life (Concept to Creation) - I think this will be fun for you guys to check out. Have you ever wondered what goes into creating that goat? From art concepts, 3d models, rigging, and having the goat twerk it in our game engine.

Concept Art Speed Drawings/Modeling/ZBrush - I didn't forget about our artists. We have an amazing team of artists who can work that brush ...or digital brush! lol. How interested are you seeing some of our concept artist working their magic?

Behind the Scenes - Ever wondered what type of food gets get in Ino's beard? Who's the best shot with their nerf guns? I'm also thinking of some video footage from upcoming events at PAX, etc.

For SCIENCE! - As we start pumping out content in the upcoming months. I would really love for us to really throw down the science haps for the community. I think it would be great to have our science experts educate us on the science aspect of TUG.

Mod Time - I am still brain storming on this one but modding is a big deal for us so having a dedicated series on this will help the community get started. I would love to start seeing tutorial videos, guides and more to help those poor souls trying to get into modding.

Community Spotlight - We have a wonderful community and seeing it grow will bring nothing but tears down Ino's face. I want to start spotlighting community stuff - websites, servers, mods!, youtube channels/videos, guilds, and the haps for our viewers. I know it's not much but I want you guys know we are listening and acknowledging it.

Monthly Highlights - For all our busy gamers who just wants to know what's up once a month, this would be for you. Covering the major stuff. I am thinking this will be best for The Lonely Golem team to tackle.

Livestream shows:
Casual Gaming - This will most likely be a few of us from the Nerd House just gaming with the community after hours. Nothing serious and just all casual play. This is going to be a lot of fun once we roll out with the new stuff.

Dev Live Sessions - This will be most likely Q&A and any other important things we want to show you guys live! Many of us are camera shy.

Dev vs Community - We'll start live streaming our community matches on the NK twitch channel. Now you can really see me and Noesis rage.

TUG Chivalry - This is all for the LAWLZ. Couple of the guys will duke it out in TUG but I got a feeling the coders will cheat to avoid the consequences.

- Developers vs. Coders War
- Artists vs Marketers

We don't have a full on video production team but we'll do our best to start pumping things out.


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    That stuff sounds really awesome. If I had to ask for one thing specifically it'd be some insight into the creation process. Concept art, modeling, rigging and animation. Basically the skills and methods you use to make everything.
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    I cant wait for Dev dairies also does this mean we will have goats in TUG ;)
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    cambo wrote:

    Behind the Scenes - Ever wondered what type of food gets get in Ino's beard? Who's the best shot with their nerf guns? I'm also thinking of some video footage from upcoming events at PAX, etc.

    Now that you mention it kinda. We really should have weekly updates on it and give it a proper name.
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    I can't promise we can cover all of it but some of them is a must for us to start doing. Don't expect any super fancy high-end production stuff. Do you guys WANT GOATS??
  • Nuclear RussianNuclear Russian REGISTERED Posts: 424 Seed
    Absolutely. Goats are fantastic.
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    Livestream shows, Speed Drawings, and Bringing to life (Concept to Creation) all sound awesome.
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • GazelleGazelle REGISTERED, Vakaethei Posts: 35 Golem
    cambo wrote:
    Do you guys WANT GOATS??

    who DOESN'T want goats?



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    I think the strongest thing about the initial videos for the TUG kickstarter was that they actually presented the team on camera and gave backers a personal connection to the devs.

    With such a small team working on such a unique project I think that is especially important to maintain that connection going forward.

    ie: Meryl goes on camera and talks about narrative, Rik could walk us through some 3d stuffs, Kevin does some speeddrawing and talks about it, Peter combs his beard, Cambo shirt off for the ladies. (ok yeah the last 2 were jokes)

    Anyways... you get the idea.

    It's a strategy employed all the time by big studios, the difference being that they usually have Nicole from marketing doing the talking, whereas you guys have the actual hands on creators talking about their work.

    IMHO, more compelling and more meaningful.

    Anywho.. thats my 2 cents. :D
  • inoino REGISTERED Posts: 131
    No no... peter combs his beard. I like where this is going. lets make an app for it.
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    ino wrote:
    No no... peter combs his [strike]beard[/strike]stephanie. I like where this is going. lets make an app for it.

    Use its proper name.
  • cambocambo REGISTERED Posts: 152
    I have been secretly lurking in the shadows behind everyone's back in the studio to see what's in the haps :-). I am still catching up but I can tell you that there is a lot in the works. It will be a lot of fun to finally be able to show these stuff in a video rather than just screenshots. Just don't expect crazy production videos because I am NO video editing expert. But I can guarantee the message will come across beautifully, like Ino's beard.
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    Bumping this 'cause it's importaaant (and cooooool)!
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
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    BUMPING FOR BEARD!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    raising the dead threads to pirate them and talk more about beards!

    ...and rum!
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    Where's the rum gone?

    Yeah, I technically have a stream on Twitch, as well as a Youtube Channel, and I may very well stream/upload TUG videos when MP comes back, but until then I'm to be considered Inactive!
    The Machine is on....


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