TUG's environmental based music

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Last night, I was listening to a podcast from WNYC's Radiolab, in which one of the hosts was introducing the other to this band called Dawn of Midi. While their music was being played, hit me. While probably more electronic sounding then Nerd Kingdom wants for TUG, what they were doing with their music seemed very smiler to what NK talked about and showed in their "Video Update #4: Spotlight on Art" video. Dawn of Midi's music (Which I found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcY5czIND-A) starts off with this single beat and over time more beats are added and some older ones seem to be dropped. As the one of Radiolab's hosts stated, when you tune into only one of the beats it kinda seams to conflict of the rest, but if you listen to it as a whole it all fits. I then had this idea, this music is like you are moving through a landscape of sound, certain beats are picked up or doped as the listener moves into/out of range, and the music they make together appears to have this very emergent quality to it. This really seams to me like this emergence might be somewhat along the same thread as what NK was talking about in there Spotlight on Art.
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