#16 TUG: Alpha Update - Steam Release Preview [Azzy]

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Azzy asked me to throw this up because he forgot too. Also, he's not home now. Haha! Enjoy you guys!
Also, how about that part at the end with all the older versions? Oh the feels!
That's a really cool shirt you have on.


  • PamcakesPamcakes Posts: 738 Seed
    Poke, Spacedot helped me fix the link. :D
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • AzzyAzzy Posts: 182
    Thanks Pam!
  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution Posts: 1,105 Seed
    And I agree Azzy, Pam is evil
  • Loved the Video. Did a wonderful job on it and man it looked really amazing all the different lighting effects tug looks alot different now then when its first alpha came out to us. Man its like our baby growing up ^~^. But keep up the good work Azzy look forward to more videos.
  • AzzyAzzy Posts: 182
    Thanks man!
  • LeifLeif Posts: 361 Seed
    Best video yet Azzy! Great work. Can't wait to try the latest update.
  • btw Pamcakes you have a evil laugh
  • PamcakesPamcakes Posts: 738 Seed
    Someone told me once that they loved my laugh. *tear*
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
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