Let's Live: An Interactive TUG Story

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Hello everyone! As everyone knows, I've started this story... and that story... but never really ever 'finished' them. The first time I got a little crazy with pictures, and that just wasn't my style. After that, they were speculations... but in story form, and that didn't really work quiet either. Now! I've got a BRAND NEW IDEA! I've figured out I really really like it when people make comments to keep me going... what better way to do that other than forcing them to play along? Right? Right! No, not you in the back row there... go to the principle's office right now!

Alright. So, basically, this story is kind of about what I want to do when I play TUG for the first time during the actual full release. Obviously there'll be a few differences, like I'm actually already 18, and I know a language (And two or three words of a few others)... well, and of course I have a really nice laptop. Okay, okay... back on track here. I'm going to post a whole section of me 'playing' in a first-person perspective, examining objects, learning, and all sorts of things. When I see and 'feel' something, I'm not going to tell you what it is. So, when I say "I feel a hard, rough, and bumpy object in my hands. It's very heavy, and a little warm. It looks a dark blue color, or maybe even grey." and your'll all have to guess what that object is. :3.

I kind of want to 'play' through this as if it were real life... I'm going to be learning about the world, and naming things. Coming up with my own language will be fun (For you too! I'm not going to give all of you a 1-1 translation... :D) So! What I want you to do, is respond when I give descriptions... you are my conscious, and must figure out what it is I've found. Maybe give it an actual name... like "Bok." or "Rue." or something. Oh! And when I've finished a post... YOU come up with what I do next! Should I go build something? Maybe wander around for an actual place to live.... What about exploring a dungeon without any gear and get myself killed for no absolute reason?

Alright, alright... enough talking now. Here I go! Right now. The actual story now. Now. Here I go. (Just skip to then next paragraph). I'm going now. Any second now. Someday. Okay, I'll do it today. Well, maybe tomorrow. Sometime. Anytime. Never? No, not never. iRobot? Why did I just say that? Okay, here I go for real. Now. Now. Now. Okay now.

Waking Up

I blink open my eyes, and look around my current surroundings, but fail to recognize anything in my current field of vision. I try to turn my head, but something's holding it tight. My eyes are open, but everything is dark. Not pitch-black, but like through a green-film of some kind. I feel something inside of my stomach turn, and something physical on my hand glow. I finally figure I'm inside of some kind of fleshy green structure of some kind. I push my hands out to try and free myself, but it bounces back slowly after it doesn't break. I try to stretch out my legs, but nothing happens. My stomach turns again. I push with my hands again, and soon realize why my stomach was turning. Fear has set in, and I start to panic. I push on the walls harder, and kick with my feet over and over. I open my mouth to make some sound, but fail, and decide to try and bite the walls capturing myself. I keep kicking, biting, and punching, but nothing happens. Nothing, but something worse than freedom. My legs start to feel wet with some liquid, some green liquid. It moves up to my sides, then my arms, and slowly up to my head. I held my breath before it got to my face, however. My stomach rumbled, different this time, and actually made some sort of sound. At least, I thought it was my stomach... until the floor opened up and a blinding light flooded the world.

My body fell a whole two inches until it hit a soft green floor, along with the green liquid that was inside of whatever it was I was in before. I decide to look up and catch a glance of whatever it was, and see this sort of natural contraption. It's this green-pod, with yellow stripes. One quarter-inch of yellow for every two full inches of green. It's attached to a long brown stalk that's sticking out of the ground, and bending upward towards the sky until it bends over and is holding the pod on the bottom. The whole thing starts to shrink slowly, changing it's nice color to an old brown color. It looks a crumpled mess, being rung out of every bit of liquid, until it snaps and falls to the ground beside be. It continues to shrink smaller and smaller, until it eventually becomes part of the ground beside me and leaves no trace of it's existence. I try to look around myself and see what's around me now, but the blinding light is everywhere, and I can only see within a few feet of myself. I look towards the pod, and notice the stalk bad crumpled up to stand about the size I am now, but it didn't dissolve all the way. I pulled it towards me, and felt it. It felt kind of woody, and hard now. Looking closely, and I noticed there were little splotches of green that weren't noticeable from a distance. I like it, and decide to keep it in my left hand as I attempt to stand.

After several minutes of attempting to stand, I just give up. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't do it. I could, however, stand on my feet and hands combined. I wobbled a little bit when I moved, but it was a better form of movement than pulling myself along with my hands alone. My vision had also managed to clear a little more, for probably only a few feet extra. I could now see some tall object that bent out of my vision. It was brown like the thing I held in my hand, but it's texture was much rougher. I felt it with my open hand, and it was obviously tougher. It had lots of bumps, and I could make out small cracks everywhere, like natural openings for the hand. I tried to pull myself up on them, but it didn't quiet work. I gave up that effort, and fell back to my hands. I looked around a bit, and noticed some object. I picked it up, and I feel a hard, rough, and slightly bumpy object in my hands. The object also feels quiet different than the rough brown objects, and has it's own type of smoothness with the bumpiness. It's very heavy, and a little warm. It looks a dark blue color, or maybe even grey. I decide to carry it in my right hand, and almost start to move right away before I see more of the object. There's lots of them where I had picked it up, and decide to pick up three more and balance them all in my right hand. They're all different shapes, slightly different hues, but are all obviously similar.

(Alright! That's it for now. Please enjoy! I know it's not a lot right now... but I'm taking a break to go eat, then start watching some shows. I might continue this afterwards... or tomorrow. So please toss out some ideas around! :3.

Oh! And later on I'll be willing to bring in other characters... like wisps, animals, or even Seeds! That would be fun... like Multiplayer!!!)
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