Xandertopian Empire

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This Xandertopian Empire was founded to lead TUG to global and galactic peace. No-one no matter for any reason should be discriminated against. A seed is a Seed anywhere. We will try to be the lead in helping anyone and everyone no mater the status. We will try to instill global peace through an iron fist and pure judgment. We are founded on the 3 goals Society, Unity, and Peace. We wish for global stability and peace. We want only for the unity and justice of the Planet.

Lord Alexander = MMaalex22112
Role: Commander of all aspects of the Empire. The Arch-Emperor has no power unless the Head Councilor decides that the Arch-Emperor is needed on a specific situation.

Emperor's Guards:
Bodyguard/Head Guard: acrocantho123

Below are members of the Xandertopian Empire or the Xandertopian Panel of Governing (XPG) they are the elected officials that make all governing decisions.

Military Imperator:
Sir Jon
Role: Imperator of all military actions and decisions. He/She is commanded by the Head Councilor.

Head Councilor:
Role: The second in command, the right hand man/woman of the Arch-Emperor. Commanded only by the Economic Governor and Military Governor in agreement and/or the Arch-Emperor. The Head Councilor has the ability if so desired to call upon the Arch-Emperor to help with a decision or situation.

Lead Scientific Councilor:
Potentate Sinnon
Role: In command of Xander Laboratory's, the Lead Scientific representative also represent all scientific aspects of the Empire.

Economic Imperator:
Representative XxDovahkiinX
Role: Imperator of the economy and populace, the equal and opposite part to the Military Governor.

Magic's Councilor:
Governor Liam
Role: The job of the Magic's governor is to make sure all illegal magic is stopped. His/Her responsibility is to make sure that magic is supported and that people are encouraged to use magic and get an education. He/She has the sole ability to petition to ban certain magic's to the Arch-Emperor. Because of his/her major role in magic he/she is not directly affected by the other governors and power is not checked.

Supreme Judge:
Judicator Peka Cykopath
Role: primary and only judge of the Empire. Has the ability to judge a persons innocence or guilt and determine their sentence.

Imperial Adviser:
Durl VonRook
Role: The single adviser to the Arch-Emperor. representative for the views of the Military Governor and the Economic Governor.

Parliamentarian drafter:
Role: Drafts all simple and complex laws to be signed by the XPG.

Resource Overseer:
Role: Oversees all resource collection in the Empire. Controls the Resource watcher’s. Also oversees all construction in the Xandertopian capitol city and all joined city’s.

Governing protocol:
All representatives of the XPG (Xandertopian Panel of Government), with an exception of the Arch-Emperor are voted in and can be voted out of office. This is accomplished by the Xandertopian Directorate or the XTD. All representatives are voted in and out of office with the exception of the Arch-Emperor who cannot be voted out, but is chosen by a vote of all elected Imperators and councilors. The XTD is composed of everyone and anyone who wishes to join in its meetings. The elections will be held on a certain date the next elections are on the first of August 4:30 PM. It will cost an upfront cost to enter the meeting but this can be added to taxes and not upfront if necessary. The XTD can only be closed by the agreement of the Military Imperator, Economic Imperator and the Arch-Emperor.

official currency for the Empire is provided by the Galactic Confederate Bank.

Members list:
1. Lord Alexander = MMaalex22112
2. acrocantho123
3. Sir Jon
4. PandaGamer
5. Potentate Sinnon
6. Representative XxDovahkiinX
7. Governor Liam
8. Judicator Peka Cykopath
9. Durl VonRook
10. TheRmbomo
11. AngriRiku
12. ManontheMoonPie
13. TheBalloonGamer
14. ProBeingNoob
15. SagelyTeknos72
16. googleychrome
17. The Shadow
18. chellie

Time to next Council election:

Voting procedure: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1en4 ... sp=sharing

Enforce ONE:
Legionnaire's will have the job of basically a town and Empire patrol. They will have three choices of action in catching an criminal
1. Punishment by Death on sight. (its a game you know)
2. Government reposition of stolen, unclaimed items.
3. Referral of case to the Supreme Judge.

Enforce TWO:
The same pay will be given consistent to the job. i.e. ( one lumber jack does not earn more than another)

War protocol:
War must be decided on by the XPG. When war is declared all governing body's are dismissed and the Xandertopian Panel of War is activated. The Arch-Emperor takes full control of the Empire. All crimes are considered war treason. The Xandertopian Panel of War (XPW) is composed of the Military Imperator, All Generals and the Arch-Emperor (replacing the Head-Councilor). The war is decided finished when the XPW votes and passes a 2/3s majority to restore the XPG.

Major jobs:

Military career
lumber jack
Resource watcher: Oversees miner's, lumberjacks, ETC
House builder
Construction worker
Voting enforcer: Gets every citizen's vote and gives it to the counter's
Counter: Counts votes from the voting enforcer's and gives to the Voting enforcer Maximus.

The continent of Mu
Melinia, the Tribe of Melius

Naturam Universitatis

If you would like to just become a citizen or have a minor jobs just say so in the forum

All head jobs will play a major part of the formulation of the laws of the Empire (the founding Seed's if you will.) and will be very important.

If you would like to join this growing Empire, please visit this NEW website: http://lordalexanderxandert.wix.com/xandertopian-empire


  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution REGISTERED Posts: 1,105 Seed
    Hah, cool another empire. It was getting somewhat boring having only one. Good luck to you in your recruitment.
  • mmaalex22112mmaalex22112 REGISTERED Posts: 171 Seed
    Hey by the way if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask here or on the website :mrgreen:
  • MichaelMichael REGISTERED Posts: 59
    Xandertopia and the Xandertopian legion:

    Arguing with the Arch-Emperor is a crime publishable by death.

    I think that might cause a lot of problems. Just sayin.
  • FreemanFreeman REGISTERED Posts: 141
    Arguing with the Arch-Emperor is a crime publishable by death.

    Obviously the Xandertopian Empire is in possession of the Death Note, Michael. You can't challenge such power.
  • MichaelMichael REGISTERED Posts: 59
    I'm not going to be doing anything about it. I'm just saying that he's going to have problems from his own people with a law like that. I'm not trying to threaten him, I'm not going to do anything about it.
  • PamcakesPamcakes REGISTERED Posts: 738
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • FreemanFreeman REGISTERED Posts: 141
    Yes, Pam. Publishable. If you argue with the Arch-Emperor you will eventually receive a beautifully written account of the argument by what I can only assume is an exceptionally well-read man in a dark robe. You lose all rights to this account, the Xandertopian Empire has the right to sell your story to the highest bidder, hopefully to be made into a fantastic and stirring movie about love and betrayal.

    It's either that or an unfortunate typo.
  • LeifLeif REGISTERED Posts: 361 Seed
    This works out great because I would kill to be published ;)
  • PamcakesPamcakes REGISTERED Posts: 738
    Leif wrote:
    This works out great because I would kill to be published ;)

    Ho ho!
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • ValidifyedValidifyed REGISTERED Posts: 612 Seed
    "Hah, cool another empire. It was getting somewhat boring having only one."
    ... Appreciate the sentiment... lol
    Good luck, been waiting for another nation type group to come along.
  • WingidonWingidon REGISTERED Posts: 1,128 Seed
    Lemurian and Xandertopian
  • ValidifyedValidifyed REGISTERED Posts: 612 Seed
    Lemurian > Xandertopian more like! Wheeehheee-
    Seriously though, Having competition should make things more fun :D
    (That doesn't mean competition in way...I know a few people somehow still think the Empire is some twisted war machine...)
  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution REGISTERED Posts: 1,105 Seed
    Well you see Val, if I piss off you, there will be hardly any place for me to run to. With another empire, I can take my pick of people to annoy and harass, as long as I can hide out in the other empire (and I'm usin you as an example right now, I'm sure we will get along nicely)
  • ValidifyedValidifyed REGISTERED Posts: 612 Seed
    Hmm... Well... Im sure we'll get on causing anarchy in a secondary server, and I hope we will be in the Empire server :P
  • mmaalex22112mmaalex22112 REGISTERED Posts: 171 Seed
    Hey everyone fixed the laws based on your suggestions and the... cough cough :oops: typo
  • FreemanFreeman REGISTERED Posts: 141
    My bad dude. Just a bit o' fun at your expense. Seriously though, good show. I hope you get some followers.
  • Hane_DarskapHane_Darskap REGISTERED Posts: 40
    Really cool looking :D so how's recruiting going?
  • jollyjack1999jollyjack1999 REGISTERED Posts: 36
    this could result in some pretty entertaining competition, I always wondered what war in TUG would look like...
    But seriously though, some competition between two empires would definitely make for a more interesting server
    The True Sign of Intelligence is not Knowledge but Imagination
    -Albert Einstein
  • Hane_DarskapHane_Darskap REGISTERED Posts: 40
    this could result in some pretty entertaining competition, I always wondered what war in TUG would look like...
    But seriously though, some competition between two empires would definitely make for a more interesting server
    And for lore! :D I can see it now!

    In the beginning of our world. There were two kingdom empires. Forged from ancient bonds long forgotten...
  • AceAce REGISTERED Posts: 15 Seed
    Well if the Emperor get's too malevolent I might have to sabotoge his government via starting a war, getting his people to bring him down, or assassinating him. But if it gets that bad, I doubt my intervention will be necessary.
  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution REGISTERED Posts: 1,105 Seed
    Please Ace, you wouldn't have to sabotage the government. Just drop a few symbols of the opposing empire on corpses that you leave on a rampage, and they will fight each other off, while you sit back and watch the mayhem. *sigh* If only it would work :(
  • mmaalex22112mmaalex22112 REGISTERED Posts: 171 Seed
    Hello again everyone, Get jobs while there here they wont be for long.
    and yes this means were low on member's :) So help out and Join up great jobs are still available.
  • Hane_DarskapHane_Darskap REGISTERED Posts: 40
    I would like to volunteer, not Hane_Darskap, but my alternative persona Durl Von Rook! To be at your service for whatever perilous or dangerous job you would have me do. :D

    Durlbawg Von Rook (erm) plans to become an alchemist/plague doctor! Willing to heal, burn, smack, inject poisons, shoot blow darts, put people to sleep with noxious fumes, and otherwise any other task that he may be needed for, for said empire :D
  • mmaalex22112mmaalex22112 REGISTERED Posts: 171 Seed
    AL righty thanks Durl please visit the website and sign up and fill the job form and you've got yourself a job. Consider yourself a member of the Xandertopian Empire
  • DurlVonRookDurlVonRook REGISTERED Posts: 21
    Durl Von Rook reporting for duty.
  • mmaalex22112mmaalex22112 REGISTERED Posts: 171 Seed
    HELLO EVERYONE, there a quite a few great jobs still available any help would be great. Lets increase our members count. PM me or just post any questions here. To join just visit our website
  • SinnonSinnon REGISTERED Posts: 383 Seed
    Hello, this seems to be a really good Empire!, jood job man!, I am here to envite you to enlist the Empire within the Seekers Order, its a UN-like sistem to that speaking in a figurative way, creates bridges between factions, if your empire is ever getting in any kind of trouble, the UN will come in aid, altough it does not posses any wealth, but it coordinates other factions to help.
    Enlist your faction in Seekers Order, sub-groups or alliances are not problem with the enlisting, since we are a not a clan, just a UN sistem of organization.
  • mmaalex22112mmaalex22112 REGISTERED Posts: 171 Seed
    Hello the Xandertopian Empire is hiring members for our Peoples court these need to be well organized, smart and good with other players. You will all have a vote for the class of populace you represent. We may also be able to connect you with the Seeker's (The TUG U.N). We also have a few main jobs left ripe for the taking. Lord Alexander
  • HowlHowl REGISTERED Posts: 5
    Your empire seems pretty interesting, although the name reminds me on xenophobia some how. Feels like a darker kind of empire. I'd like to know a bit more about it eg. lore behind the empire (unless I completely missed it).
  • mmaalex22112mmaalex22112 REGISTERED Posts: 171 Seed
    I have now edited the main post all :mrgreen:
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